Friday, May 22, 2009

Take heart, GOP

Apparently the politcal chatterboxes were handicapping the Lambert-Allen race in "American Idol" as a referendum on American's political views.

At least that's what I read the other day on Blue State Glamour Boy Adam vs. Red State Christian Kris. This was to be a continuation of the seismic shift in U.S. politics that began with the election of Barack Obama as president ... blah ... blah ... blah.

No offense to my President, who remains in my prayers. I didn't vote for him, and am not enamored with his policies. I am compelled to pray for him.

His popularity has been immense. Yet, his coattails didn't extend to "American Idol," and let us thank our Creator for that.

It's a talent show, for cryin' out loud.

I would imagine Adam will do just fine like some other non-Idol winners. Kris will make the requisite bad album and be cool, too.

Obviously, this election bodes well for the GOP, which can now bank on the idea that it will make serious gains toward recapturing Congress. And as for President Obama, he needs to start looking for a job.

After all, the people -- especially text-messagin' teen-aged girls -- have spoken. The response with Kris' win? Clearly, it's BHO GOTTA GO.


ehyou said...

Well, since CNN seems to have a hard time with real news, I guess they gotta write about something....

Monica said...

Does this mean you think gay people aren't Christian? WTH does this mean exactly?